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Electronic Design

Long and versatile experience with all kinds of projects and profound knowledge about manufacturing capabilities will ensure a best result for your product


- Pads Logic

- Pads Pro Designer

PCB Layout

- PADS Pro Layout tool

- Multilayers

- Good experience for complex HDI PCBs

- Flex and Rigid flex designs

- RF designs, PCB antennas, Special materials, MCPCB, etc

- Demanding High-Speed and Mixed signal layouts (FBGA, RFIC, DDR, LVDS…)

- LED PCBs and LED drivers

- R&D and production testers, Needle beds, Backplanes etc

- PCB-A 3D modelling

- Simulations


We are offering consulting for PCB design and production

PCB sourcing

We have excellent sourcing channels for all kinds of PCBs

PCB design inquiries
p.+358-44-2427 187
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